@noitemsfoxonlyfinaldestination "you're making really disgusting assumptions about abuse"


    Thank you for writing.

    I’m not sure what you mean with “disgusting assumptions”.

    It is a fact that abuse is happening right now, pretty much everywhere in the world. The two types of abuse presented in the drawing - physical abuse and lack of freedom of speech, are regretfully not the most disgusting faces of violence against women. I believe these would be rape, genital mutilation and death.

    All three of them are present at a worldwide scale, even in the USA.

    I am sorry the drawing has generated some controversy, because I am able to try to clear it out only for people like you who write me or read the replies I’ve published. But to be honest, I also feel sorry when I read some signs on the anti-feminist tumblr, where some women assume that feminism is not important just because they do not personally need it, or because they do not agree with the ideas of some extremist feminists, as if these ideas were the quintessence of feminism.

    But feminism, at its core, is about fighting for the human rights of women worldwide.

    Can we say we do not need that?


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    @attack-on-stupid "holy shit, did you just imply that anti-feminist women are only anti-feminist because of abuse boyfriends who make them think so? women can't think foe themselves? your misogyny is disgusting."

    Nope! Sorry you misunderstood it.

    Despite so many women in Tumblr not needing feminism and showing it proudly, there is a great number of women worldwide who need it very much. And, to many people’s surprise, not only in the developing world.

    For example, according to the United Nations: “In Australia, Canada, Israel, South Africa and the United States, intimate partner violence accounts for between 40 and 70 per cent of female murder victims”.  (See more at: http://www.unwomen.org/en/what-we-do/ending-violence-against-women/facts-and-figures#sthash.ZfZZbAX2.dpuf  )

    Sadly, the situation in this cartoon happens more often than we may think. :(

    Feminism is about putting and end to violence against women and defending their human rights, everywhere, all the time. And feminism needs all the support it can get.


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    @xowhiteface69xo "Don't tell people to open their eyes when you've glued yours shut."


    Seeing your comments, I’m guessing you’re one of those fortunate women who do not need feminism today. Good for you.

    I tell you and any other “woman against feminism” to open your eyes, because there’s a world beyond the perfect boyfriend you may have found, or the great community in which you may live, where human rights of women are respected. If this is true today where you live, it is only because feminists fought for your rights in the past, and made this possible.

    The base of feminism is precisely that, to protect the rights of women who, as of today, are defenseless in their chauvinist environment. Sadly, this happens to be a vast majority of women worldwide.

    Here is some insight for you. It is the UN report on violence against women. Please feel free to share it, and to continue giving your opinions on the subject - whichever they may be.



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    About Anti-Feminism.

    Sobre la nueva tendencia anti-feminista, y el tumblr de mujeres contra el feminismo. A ustedes, mujeres contra el feminismo, abran los ojos: hay mucho mundo más allá del novio perfecto que pudieron haberse conseguido. Hay muchas mujeres pasándola muy mal. Tal vez no compartas algunas perspectivas de algunas feministas que se pasan de la raya, pero en el fondo, el feminismo lucha por proteger a esas mujeres que hoy se encuentran desprotegidas ante una sociedad chauvinista y machista.

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